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Cougar Village Phase II
University of Houston
Houston, TX
At just over $35k per bed, our student housing work for the University of Houston is a study in both quality and affordability. Like most universities across the nation, the University of Houston has experienced a significant increase in enrollment in recent years. This increase created a demand for both on- and off-campus housing on the south side of Houston. In an effort to compete and maintain a vibrant student life on campus, The University of Houston selected KSQ to create a housing complex that would enhance and redefine the standard of living on the main campus. This project was the second phase of Cougar Village, and KSQ was challenged to break the mold created in the first phase and go beyond the limits previously established–while maintaining a strict budget. Utilizing natural light penetration, the result is a more vibrant, open atmosphere within a true living/learning residence hall, providing enhanced program space while maintaining a budget set three years prior. KSQ completed this project in association with Brave / Architecture.